Last Friday we had an amazing opportunity to get all three of our clinics together for a team building day. Our offices include St. Croix Kidds (Hudson, WI), Blaine Kidds (Blaine, MN) and Riverdale Kidds (Coon Rapids, MN). It has been an exciting transition getting all three of our offices to connect, have some fun and work together.

Our team building day included different exercises that helped us practice working together, trusting each other and figuring out how to accomplish a similar goal within smaller teams. The mouse trap exercise put us out of our comfort zones but by the end we learned to trust each other and have fun with it!








We are so happy we were able to take some time away from the offices and get to know each other even better. We can’t wait to take every we learned and implement it into our work days and we can’t wait to see all of you at one of our three clinics!