Dentist for children in Blaine, MN

Hospital & General Anesthesia


General Anesthesia

We always prefer to complete dental procedures in the least invasive manner possible. Most children are able to complete treatment with nitrous oxide and local anesthetic, however some patients require general anesthesia. These patients are typically either very young, have special needs, or have extreme dental anxiety.

We offer outpatient hospital general anesthesia at Minnesota Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minneapolis and Minnetonka. We also offer in-office general anesthesia administered by a dental anesthesiologist in our dental office. If your child requires general anesthesia to complete dental treatment, the dentist will discuss your options with you, and our staff will help you schedule and coordinate the procedure.

A deposit will be required prior to scheduling the procedure, and it will be applied to your balance. To find out more about our anesthesia services, you can call us and ask to speak with our Hospital Coordinator.

In office general anesthesia

We work with several Anesthesia groups, including:
Mill City Anesthesia and Twin Cities Anesthesia.